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Script kRankUP 1.0.3

The best rankup script ever

  1. Kstien
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • /rankup
    • /ranklist
    • /krankup reload
    • /krankup reset


    • Skript 2.2 dev36
    • TuSKe
    • SkUtilities
    • MundoSK


    • LegendChat support: {krank} for player rank
    • Custom event "on rankup" with details event-player, event-text (rank) and event-integer (rank´s price)
    • Support infinite ranks and it´s all in config

    VERSION 1.0.2

    • GUI-based ranklist
    • Added more admin commands
    • Code more optimized


    Command: /ranks | Seeing my current rank

    Command: /ranks | Going to next page

    Command: /ranks | Next page (Page 2)

    Command: /krankup resetplayer <player>

    Command: /krankup resetall

    Command: /krankup reload

    Command: /rankup | With money

    Command: /rankup | Without money

    Command: /rankup | In last rank