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Script Kitconfig | Skript 0.1


  1. S
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    What is Kitconfig?
    - Kitconfig is a system where you can choose the order of your kit so you do not have to sit and redo it all the time.

    Why do I post this?:
    - Because there are many who have had trouble making it, so I chose to post it so everyone could see how to make it.

    - /kit
    - /kit reset (spiller)
    - /kit resetall

    - You should not use essentials for the kits
    - Easy to edit the order on your kit
    - AutoRespawn
    - AutoArmor

    - Skript
    - SkQuery
    - SkRayFall

    Contact me:

    - Discord: Sejgo#5273

    I Forgot to say this:
    - that if you have trouble with people don't have there right normal kit, so just type "/kit reset (player)" and it will work