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  1. DieHollander_

    Script Easy Kit | Easiest kit script! V1.1

    Easiest kit script! This is the ultimate script for kits! Commands: /easykit create <kit> - Create a kit. /easykit delete <kit> - Delete a kit. /easykit preview <kit> - Preview a kit. /easykit get <kit> - Get a kit. /easykit give <player> <kit> - Give a kit. /easykit list -...
  2. S


    Please help me, im trying to make a kit gui and i don't know how to make a red stained glass pane. It keeps saying that its not an item type. I don't know what im supposed to put for a red stained glass pane. HAAALP!
  3. WaxtzCraft

    Script ProximKitPvP v2.3

    Top kills Scoreboard Kits Stats Auto join Shop Items Achievements Config.yml and Messages.yml Top kills in signs! And more... /kitpvp or /kp - main command. /kitpvp join - Join to KitPvP. /kitpvp leave - Leave from KitPvP. /kitpvp stats - Shows your stats in a GUI. /kitpvp stats <player> -...