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InteractiveShop | Easily configurable shops! 1.1.3

GUI-based shop easily configurable in-game.

  1. Small error fix

    The open shop message had the wrong argument. Changed it to {_s}, and now it works.
  2. Just a small fix.

    I had placed the message in the wrong place (oops).
    Also, now there's a message that tells you when you're in cooldown.
  3. Fixed the open message & added multiple versions.

    There was no "open" message, it has been added.
    Changed $ to a similar symbol to avoid \ bug.

    Now the resource has 3 versions:
    1. Default one, needs all addons.
    2. No Skellett, needs TuSKe and skQuery. Doesn't have sounds nor actionsbars.
    3. TitleManager, has actionbars but not sounds (uses TitleManager commands).

    Some people don't like to use Skellett as it has many "useless" stuff in it. If this is the case, just go to SyntaxToggles and...
  4. Configuration & messages

    Added configuration area in "options".
    It's kinda messy, but way easier to use than before.

    Note: to use the $ sign, you MUST use \$. Otherwise an error is gonna show in your console.
  5. Now you can add commands!

    A) In this new update, you can add custom commands to be run in a shop. It also means that:
    1. You can create multiple pages in a single shop, by adding the command to open the next shop!
    2. Any command can be used, so you can sell something from other plugin, for example.
    3. It's totally customisable. The item can either be totally normal or have lore, enchantments and custom names, that you can set with the two new commands.