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Script iEssentials Pre-Alpha 3.1.2

The Skript Version of Essentials!

  1. Pre-Alpha 3.1.2

    This update is as unexpected as the last. There are comments for options in the config which is very glitchy from the tests. These have been removed.
    - Removed comments that are still there
  2. Pre-Alpha 3.1.1

    I didn't plan this update coming so that's why it's coming out of the middle of no where. It fixes a important glitch where the spawn-on-join and spawn-on-death configuration options don't work.

    - Fixed the glitches where spawn-on-death and spawn-on-join configuration options don't work
  3. Pre-Alpha 3.1

    Last update, I learned how to use YAML with the skript-yaml addon and I made an update. This update is where I add some configuration options to the skript-yaml addon. Here are the changes:

    - You may no longer customize the teleportation-message with YAML (Removed to due bugs)
    - Added the nickname-prefix option to configuration
    - Added the god-on-disconnect option to configuration
    - Added the...
  4. Pre-Alpha 3.0

    Finally, it's here! The configuration update. However, it's not just configuration. It's bug fixes, too! Be prepared for this update.
    If you use this update know it may cause some bugs. Please report those on the issue tracker. Using this on a public server causes some risk, that you must know.
    - We now have a automatically generating configuration yaml file! Remember you must now use the skript-yaml addon. It generates in the file path...
  5. Pre-Alpha 2.2

    Hey guys! This update is mainly for bug fixes but it also adds a few new features, check them out!
    Changed Default Teleportation Message
    Changed the Color Code of the No Spawn Messages
    /block-word is now /word block, /block-word list is now /word blocked, and /unblock-word is now /word unblock.
    Bug Fixes
    /tpall now only gives you one message of "You have teleported everyone to yourself!", not multiple.
    /heal message now matches the rest of the script. Heal now restores...
  6. Pre-Alpha 2.1

    Sorry guys for the late update. Took me a while to get some good ideas down and ready but here we go!
    New Features
    New Command: /ignore <player>
    New Command: /nick <nickname>
    New Commands: /day, /night, /sun, /rain, /thunder
    New Command: /list
    Removed Command: /reply <message>
    Removed Sub-Command: /iEssentials help <page>
    Extensions to Current Commands
    /broadcast Extension: Broadcast Color Codes (iEssentials.broadcast.color)
    /msg Extension: Msg Color Codes...
  7. Pre-Alpha 2.0

    This is the final Pre-Alpha 2.0 version. This wasn't a very big update but it added features that most competitors don't have.

    The permission node for /warps (iEssentials.warps) now works.
    New Features
    /mailtoggle can make it so people can't send you mail.
    /commandspy allows you to see commands other people do. (It's like socialspy but for all commands, not just socialspy commands)
  8. Pre-Alpha 2.0 (Pre-1.5)

    This is by far, the biggest update. I don't know all that but here is the summary
    Removed the {thing}-enabled
    Changed permissions to be one main prefix
    Cleaned up lots of code
    Added Github Page
  9. Pre-Alpha 2.0 (Pre-1.2)

    This is probably the largest update ever made for iEssentials, and I thank everyone who has downloaded this. If you want to help get another version out I recommend telling me bugs in the discussion. Anyway, lets get on with this new update!

    New Features
    /mail send <username> <message>
    /mail read
    /mail clear
    /sudo <username> <command>
    /banip <username>
    /unbanip <IP>
    /feed [player]
    /god [player] (Now with [player])
    New Configuration Lines
    Welcome Message (Not...
  10. Pre-Alpha 2.0 (Pre-1.0)

    Hey guys, it's Corman here. I've made another update. Keep in mind this update is a Pre-Release or Snapshot, so I don't recommend using it unless you are on a test server. If you're kind enough consider finding some glitches for me to patch.

    New Features

    UUID Support
    /gamemode <type> now has permissions for each gamemode
    /gms - Alias for /gamemode survival
    /gmc - Alias for /gamemode creative
    /gma - Alias for /gamemode adventure
    /gmsp - Alias for /gamemode spectator