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Script iEssentials Pre-Alpha 3.1.2

The Skript Version of Essentials!

  1. Pre-Alpha 3.0

    Finally, it's here! The configuration update. However, it's not just configuration. It's bug fixes, too! Be prepared for this update.
    If you use this update know it may cause some bugs. Please report those on the issue tracker. Using this on a public server causes some risk, that you must know.
    - We now have a automatically generating configuration yaml file! Remember you must now use the skript-yaml addon. It generates in the file path "plugins/iEssentials/config.yml". It first makes the folder, then the file in the folder.
    - You can now edit the currency symbol in the configuration, now there IS a currency symbol actually.
    - A spawn glitch is fixed where /setspawn doesn't set a spawn.
    - A list glitch is fixed where it is like this:
    Online Players (3): CormanYT, CormanYT, CormanYT

    And now it is like this:

    Online Players (3): CormanYT, NecroShadow, BraedenMC
    - A vanish glitch was fixed
    - We had to remove the permission message option because it wouldn't work, it would've delayed this update too much. There is now a default permission message that is not editable.
    - The a** in the blocked words was changed to a**hole because the a word is in words like "class" or "classed" or "pass".
    - Fixed the /delwarp permission node.
    - Made a small change to the /ignore message.
    - Made a small change to the no spawn message.
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