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Script iEssentials Pre-Alpha 3.1.2

The Skript Version of Essentials!

  1. Pre-Alpha 2.2

    Hey guys! This update is mainly for bug fixes but it also adds a few new features, check them out!
    Changed Default Teleportation Message
    Changed the Color Code of the No Spawn Messages
    /block-word is now /word block, /block-word list is now /word blocked, and /unblock-word is now /word unblock.
    Bug Fixes
    /tpall now only gives you one message of "You have teleported everyone to yourself!", not multiple.
    /heal message now matches the rest of the script. Heal now restores the player's hunger aswell!
    Fixed messages for using these commands on other players: /heal, /feed, /vanish, /gamemode
    New Features
    /warp has had a lot of changes this update! Here they are:
    - Per Warp Permissions Changed from iEssentials.warp.<warp name> to iEssentials.warps.<warp name>.
    - You can now warp other players! /warp <warp name> [player]. This uses the permission iEssentials.warp.others
    - Remember everyone needs the permission iEssentials.warp
    You can now clear another player's inventory with /clear [player]!
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