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Script iEssentials Pre-Alpha 3.1.2

The Skript Version of Essentials!

  1. Pre-Alpha 2.0 (Pre-1.0)

    Hey guys, it's Corman here. I've made another update. Keep in mind this update is a Pre-Release or Snapshot, so I don't recommend using it unless you are on a test server. If you're kind enough consider finding some glitches for me to patch.

    New Features

    UUID Support
    /gamemode <type> now has permissions for each gamemode
    /gms - Alias for /gamemode survival
    /gmc - Alias for /gamemode creative
    /gma - Alias for /gamemode adventure
    /gmsp - Alias for /gamemode spectator
    You cannot /pay players negative money, or no money.

    EDIT: I forgot to include we added /mutechat!
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