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Script ExtraCMDS 1.3.1 [Last Update] [FIX]

Adding New Commands to your server!

  1. This is the last update | Version 1.3.1

    Version 1.3.1
    • Fixed /die
  2. Last Update? | Version 1.3

    Version 1.3
    • Added 1.10 support

    This is the last update for my skript!
    The support is not very great so i'm going to discontinue this project.
    No more updates will be released!
    But don't worry!
    I'm creating an new skript that will come out in the feature.

    This will named : BanGUI

    I will see you next time!
  3. Kaboom Disabled? | Version 1.2.7

    Version 1.2.7
    Added /kaboomoff [Disables /kaboom command]
    Added /kaboomon [Enables /kaboom command]

    /kaboom is enabled when you first install the skript!
    Make sure to disable it if you don't want this command!

    Removed /kaboom confirm
    Still trying to fix the /die command!
  4. Version 1.2.2 [SMALL UPDATE]

    Version 1.2.2
    Fixed Report link in /addmoney
    Temp removed /die
  5. Version 1.2.1

    Version 1.2.1
    Removed 1.8 1.9 1.10 Support!
    This Skript is not stable on 1.8 1.9 and 1.10
    I hope i can Support it back in the feature!

    Updates for 1.8 1.9 1.10 will not longer be released!
    Supported versions:1.11 and higher!
    1.11 Is strongly advised!

    Warning:If you found a way to use this skript in 1.10 or lower? You know that it can...
  6. Version 1.2

    Version 1.2
    Added Scoreboard
    Added Money
    Added /ECScoreboard
    Added can't find player detection
    /die is still not fixed in this update!

    Fixed some permissions