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API Expressions+ 0.dev3

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  • Fixed a typo that made one of the expressions require SkStuff

  • changed almost all previous expressions to property expressions

  • "%br%" inserts a line break / new line in chat, itemlore or tooltip
  • "%entity%'s age" (get/set)
  • "%entity%'s age[ ]lock" (get/set)
  • "%villager%'s [current ](trader|customer)"
  • "delete %villager%'s (trades|recipes)"
  • "%villager%'s riches"
  • "%villager%'s profession"
  • "%entity%'s fall[ing] distance"
  • condition: "%entity% is(n't) in %entity%'s line of sight"
  • "set %block%'s spawned mob type to %string (entity)%"
  • "%item frame%'s display item"
  • "%item frame%'s item rotation"