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Script Drop Editor 1.0

You can change the drops of the Entites

  1. sirSkript
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Drop Editor [Skript]
    With this script you can change the drops of the entities

    You need this:

      • Skript Plugin
      • Skellett Addon
      • SkQuery Addon

      • Drag the skript to the folder of your skript plugin
      • Reload your server or skript [/sk reload DropEditor]
      • Enter the command "/DropEditor"

    "Bat" or "Blaze" or "Cave Spider" or "Chicken" or "Cow" or "Creeper" or "Donkey" or "Elder Guardian" or "Enderman" or "Endermite" or "Evoker" or "Ghast" or "Guardian" or "Horse" or "Husk" or "Llama" or "Magma Cube" or "Mooshroom" or "Mule" or "Ocelot" or "Parrot" or "Pig" or "Polar Bear" or "Rabbit" or "Sheep" or "Shulker" or "Silverfish" or "Skeleton" or "Skeleton Horse" or "Slime" or "Spider" or "Squid" or "Stray" or "Vex" or "Villager" or "Vindicator" or "Witch" or "Wither Skeleton" or "Wolf" or "Zombie" or "Zombie Horse" or "Zombie Pigman" or "Zombie Villager"

    If you have questions or found bugs please contact me and rate the skript.
    If you have any other ideas for this skript just contact me.

    To Do List:

      • Ore - Drop change
      • Chance of Drop

Recent Reviews

  1. JackTrowbridge
    Version: 1.0
    Very clean code/GUI. I like the design and how easy it is for such a small plugin to take on a such vast design. Very well done!
    1. sirSkript
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the positive and concrete rating