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Script Date Shenanigans 2.1

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Adds a new expression called Duration Format, this is used like the difference between in skript ex: 'difference between 10 minutes from now and now' but it is better formatted like 1d 1h 1m 1s and if the duration has been completed it will say so

Expression Syntax:
duration [format] of %date% [and %date%]

If the second Date Format is not set it will default to now
I downloaded my version of Skript Mirror from skunity but the version I got had many errors in console for me, turns out that was an outdated version and to get the latest you have to get it from here all future versions of this script will be built towards that (as that's the version I use) the reason I had to do this update was because on that new version the java.util.Calendar import is not recognized

Also updated the syntax to allow second[\s], minute[\s], hour[\s]
Added new expressions:
hour (of|for|at) %date% - Gets Hour of date
minute (of|for|at) %date% - Gets Minute of date
second (of|for|at) %date% = Gets Seconds of date
day of [the] week value (of|for|at) %date% - gets the day of the week as a value (returns an integer instead of the string)
day value (of|for|at) %date% - gets the day as a value (returns an integer instead of the string)
month value (of|for|at) %date% - gets the month as a value (returns an integer instead of the string)
I just learned in Skript 2.2-DEV31 you can customize your own time format so I've added that method instead this compresses the code more, means you no longer need to set an option if using american time format. real time now returns seconds as well as minutes and hours and also I've added a new expression for getting the time zone

time[ ]zone [(of|for|at) %date%]
real[ ]time [of %date%]
Nothing new added, just learned about parse marks in skript mirror so I've put all 4 expressions under 1 now