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  1. L

    Solved Reading only dates from %now%

    I am using %now% to get the current date, and it works, my problem is that I want it to only display the date and not the time, but I don't understand how that would be done.
  2. HenryRenYz

    Accurate timespan to seconds

    Hi, I want to use the amount of time between 2 date to calculate something(for example velocity, accerelation, dps, etc.) but I found that it's difficult to convert timespan into seconds or ticks. I know how to convert timespan into seconds but that's too inaccurate on the last second, and...
  3. P

    First Join

    Category: Join Date Suggested name: Join Date Spigot/Skript Version: Skript 2.4 Spigot: 1.15 What I want: I want that when a player first joins it sets their join date to that day (Ex. my friend logs in the server and his first join date is set to the day he first joined and I can see that...
  4. Veraid

    Script Date Shenanigans 2.1

    This adds the following expressions to Skript: day of [the] week [value] [(of|for|at) %date%] - Returns the day of the week, for example "Tuesday" or if value is used returns it as an integer day [value] [(of|for|at) %date%] - Returns the day of the month, for example "25th" or if value is used...
  5. Hakuyamu

    Minecraft Advent Calendar

    Hello! I need help with an advent calendar, which consists of different signs for each day. If you rightclick one of the sign, you will get free gifts. How can I check the current date? The players should only be able to get gifts for the current day or the past days. Thanks :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Runakai

    skUtilities parse Date

    Hey! when i want to parse something as a text i get a error from SkUtilities. "Could not be parsed as index 2" i changed the date format in the config.yml in skript. When i dont parse it as a date i get the correct date format but the time is wrong and i can't add e.g 8 hours to it. There is no...
  7. Runakai

    Solved Date format

    Hello its me. Is it possible to change the date format? When i was using it a few days ago it was like "10.05.18 21:15" and now its "05/10/18 2.45 PM". current code: command /testing1: trigger: set {_now} to "%now%" set {_timespan} to {_now} parsed as date send...
  8. btk5h

    Other Advanced date formatting with skript-mirror

    Skript doesn't offer much support for date formatting. Fortunately, Java provides advanced support for date formatting through String#format. Let's access it using skript-mirror! This tutorial is friendly to users playing around in the server console. Because none of the following examples...