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Addon Conquer 1.3.1

An addon that adds support for multiple Factions plugins with the same syntax

  1. Fix syntax conflict

    Fix an issue where the type of claim expression would conflict with a default Skript one.
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  2. SavageFactions Support

    Conquer 1.3.0
    • Added support for SavageFactions
    • Added TNT storage, checkpoint location, and rules expressions
    • Fixed a bug where the isSingle of the expression faction at location/claim was returning non-single when it should have been single
  3. Legacy Factions Support & Standalone API

    Conquer 1.2.0
    • LegacyFactions support
    • Doesn't require Skript to run anymore, so other plugins may use Conquer's API without Skript being installed
  4. Remove String to ConquerPlayer converter

    Removed the String to ConquerPlayer converter because Skript was being weird with it and using it in non-Conquer syntaxes.
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  5. Fix bug with MassiveCraft Factions Relation Change

    Fixed a StackOverflowException and the handling of the Faction Relation Change event with MassiveCraft Factions.
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  6. Added FactionsOne support

    Conquer 1.1.0
    • FactionsOne support (now 3 total plugins supported)
    • Made it so the description of faction expression returned null (<none>) when the description was the default, and made the set changer of it set it to the default expression if it receives null (<none>).
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  7. Minor syntax tweaking

    Some syntaxes have been changed to match more english-like syntax. Examples on documentation have also been added.
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  8. Add bStats

    Add bStats
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  9. Complete Rewrite - 1.12 Support

    Conquer has been completely rewritten and now is compatible with MC versions 1.8 - 1.12.X. It supports both Factions (original by MassiveCraft) and FactionsUUID at the moment, with other plugins planned.

    SkUnity documentation import isn't working for me at the moment, so SkriptHub will be the main place for documentation at the moment.
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  10. Fixed Download

    The download has been changed to a direct jar download, it will be changed to a build server in the future.
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