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Mr.Ragtime, KiwifruitDev
Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.19
Chaos Mode is a script for Skript that adds random and nonsensical events into the game across a period of time.​
  • Chaos Mode may teleport the player at times, set these locations within the *.sk file's configuration.
  • FunkySK and NoteBlockAPI are not required. View the *.sk file in a code editor to see configuration, as support for these plugins can be toggled on.
  • The rest of the tested plugins may not be required, they are simply what were on the server when developing Chaos Mode.
Tested with the following plugins:
  • BoringSK
  • FastAsyncWorldEdit-Bukkit-2.4.5-SNAPSHOT-276
  • LibsDisguises-10.0.31-Free
  • SkBee-2.2.0
  • skream-2.1
  • TreeFeller-1.20.0
  • floodgate-spigot
  • skript-json-1.1.1
  • BulkMiner-1.0.3
  • FunkySk-1.0.2
  • LuckPerms-Bukkit-5.4.41
  • SkJade
  • NoteBlockAPI-1.6.1-SNAPSHOT
  • SkQuery-4.1.6
  • mcMMO
  • skript-reflect
  • Citizens-2.0.30-b2679
  • Geyser-Spigot
  • ViaVersion-4.4.2
  • reqn-1.2.3
  • Skellett-Legacy-2.0.7
  • spark-1.9.36-bukkit
  • Diskuise
  • GeyserUpdater-1.6.2
  • ProtocolLib
  • WebSKT-1.0-BETA.2
  • Skript
  • skRayFall+v1.9.28
  • /chaosmanual <integer>
    • Set the next Chaos event, if the argument is out of range then the next event is random.
  • /chaospotion [<integer>]
    • Give yourself a Chaos potion to force an effect to occur, even without Chaos mode enabled.
  • /chaos
    • Toggle Chaos Mode.
  • /chaostimer
    • Override the Chaos timer.
  • skript.chaos
    • Used for all of the above commands.
Mr. Ragtime
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