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Script Cellblock 2.0.0-pre1

Cellblock - create cells, manage areas and do more on your server

  1. Cellblock 2.0.0 - pre-release 1


    First pre-release of Cellblock 2
    Cellblock 2 is completely rewritten and includes a huge overhaul of the Cellblock system. When first created, Cellblock wasn't made to handle large amounts of cells and player activity. Under certain circumstances, it was unable to keep up with demand and caused issues. There were oversights in Cellblock 1's protection system and command patterns.

    With Cellblock 2, those are fixed. Cellblock 2 utilities a...
  2. Bug and error fixes. New version support


    Cellblock 1.8.2
    General Update
    • LATEST VERSION SUPPORT! Cellblock 1.8.2 will run on Spigot/Paper 1.14.4 using Skript 2.4-beta5. Cellblock 1.8.2 will also support lower versions as well.
    Bug fixes
    • CELLBLOCK WARNINGS! All warnings produced by Skript when loading Cellblock.sk have been fixed
    • CELLBLOCK ERRORS! Errors for Cellblock have been...
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  3. Minor update

    Cellblock 1.8.1

    Please complete the Cellblock Feedback Survey:
    I will review every single response.

    New features
    • CELL RESET EVENT! A new event has been created which listens for when a cell is reset. It is available only before the event is triggered and can be cancelled.
    • AUTO-TORCH! When a cell is created, Cellblock will attempt to place 2...
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  4. Another CellAddon and bug fixes

    Cellblock 1.8
    Bug fixes
    • API IMPROVEMENTS! After creating BetterCells, I found multiple issues within the CellblockAPI which can cause incorrect handling of API data resulting in endpoints failing to run
    • MISC FIXES! After reviewing parts of Cellblocks core code, I found some minor bugs which have been patched to keep Cellblock running smoothly.
  5. Better support for 1.12+, bug fixes, another free CellAddon & addition of Home Cells

    Cellblock 1.7
    • 1.12+! Added support for Minecraft/Skript 1.12+
    • MORE VERSION SUPPORT! Cellblock now utilises the fork of skQuery by LimeGlass
    • Some official comments have been changed to have updated links and branding uses