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Script C4 & Grenades 1.5

Have a little more fun with explosions

  1. More Fun Changes

    - Grenades/Stun Grenades can now be placed. When placed, you better run, 3 seconds later they will blow.

    - Changed grenades/stun grenades to a new texture making it easier to identify in a player's inventory (Recipes are still the same - Old grenades will not work anymore, I recommend offering to exchange old for new for players)
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  2. MC 1.13.2 Ready + A few little fixes

    This update now works with Skript 2.3.1 and Spigot/Paper 1.13.2
    I have done a decent amount of testing but if you find any bugs please report.

    - Version 1.4 now requires Tuske (Pikachu Patch 3). I am now using Tuske to handle custom recipes as SkQuery was just not having it.
    - Version 1.4 now requires and will work on ONLY Skript 2.3.x Due to changes in the aliases, this version...
  3. Update 1.3 {Stun Grenades)

    - Added stun grenades... no explosion, but produces a cloud of firework particles, deals damage, also hit player with blindness and nausea for a few seconds.
  4. Update 1.2 (Throwable C4)

    - As suggested by "Its_Craft" on Spigot, I have added in Throwable C4 charges. A player can place a charge as they normally would, or shift-right-click to throw a charge.

    Please remember to review this Skript, it'll help me make this Skript the best it can be.
  5. Update 1.1

    -Added permission nodes for crafting. This allows you to control who can craft each item.
    • c4.craft.detonator
    • c4.craft.charges
    • c4.craft.grenade
    • c4.craft.*
    -Added version check. On future updates, OPs and admins with permission (c4.admin) will receive notification on login if updates are available.

    Please review this Skript. Your input will help me make this Skript the best it can be.