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  1. J

    Please how can I use skript to deal with explosion protection in an area, my current code is, sorry

    on explode: loop exploded blocks: loop-block is a block event-entity's x-coordinate is between {zz::XMin} and {zz::XMax} event-entity's y-coordinate is between {zz::YMin} and {zz::YMax} event-entity's z-coordinate is between {zz::ZMin} and {zz::ZMax}...
  2. I

    Solved cancel event only for specific blocks with on explode trigger

    Hi, I wanted to cancel event on explosion only for grass but cancel event cancel for every blocks. I tried to remove the block from exploded blocks but that not working without error: on explode: loop exploded blocks: if loop-block is equal to grass block: remove loop-block from...
  3. ShaneBee

    Script C4 & Grenades 1.5

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are wondering how the hell a script of this caliber got 10K downloads, well.... this is because, this resource is also on SpigotMC, which links its download button to this resource, a user on SpigotMC used a bot to attack a few of my resources and get the downloads up...
  4. W

    Skript Arrow Effects Tutorial

    Hello Everyone, all this tutorial requires is Skript Today, I'll be making a tutorial on arrow effects. There are 3 other effects that can be used. They are endersignal, fire, and smoke. Today, I'll be showing you the explode effect. Now, we will be coding the event, the permission, and to...