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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.16

So I created this skript originally back in Oct 2017, I left Minecraft as a whole and never bothered with updating this skript.. needless to say I have no intention of adding features to this particular skript but I will try to keep it updated if addons stop supporting certain features, again I only updated this for my own amusement :emoji_slight_smile:

This Skript is designed to Mimic using Lazy Chunks within Vanilla Minecraft, but instead of having to have knowledge of how Lazy Chunks work you are able to Craft an Item to use 5 times which will make the process simpler for you!

You are able to limit the players ability to use this item between using it in all worlds or just the Nether, this Skript was designed for my server so I can allow people to easily create Mob farms in the nether (I added extra permissions etc so it is more accessible for other servers without the need to edit the Skript directly)


This item is craft-able I have set the crafting recipe to be fairly expensive for a survival server.

(You could edit the value of the two resource blocks within the Skript at Line 24, but the dragon egg is the main point of the Skript)


A few simple commands to help users and admins along with the basic features of this Skript
--- One Command for Players ---
/bd help - Player Help Command
/bd usage - Either tell the player they don't have a Breaker or Shows how many uses they have left

-- Admin Commands ---
/bd give (Username) - Give a player the destruction Item
/bd admin help - Shows you the Admin Help *Spoiler* same as above
/bd reload - Will reload the plugin so long as you leave it named the same as this resource


Basic Permissions

bedrock.destroyer - Basic permission for all players
bedrock.admin - Admin permission allows access to admin commands


This Skript Depends on:


Drop the Skript (bedrockdestroyer.sk) into /plugins/Skript/scripts then execute the command /sk reload bedrockdestroyer

Any issues please PM me before rating
You can contact me on the SkUnity Discord or PM me directly on the forums
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