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Script BasicExpressions -Turns Expressions Into Emoticons V9.2

Create or Use Expressions That Turn Into Emoticons!

  1. Added New Permissions

    I added new permissions to the actual emojis in chat with permission messages. Although I did not test it yet because my server is down so please keep in mind there could be errors with it, if so notify me please.
  2. Changed the reload command

  3. Edited Server Expression List Command

  4. New Changes

    I added permission messages and I added some color to the json.sk hover messages:


    Ok so kimoVoid and I decided to change the art of this plugin. ElDub & I have created some new commands such as, "/createexpression", "/deleteexpression" & "/serverexpressions" basically you can create your own server's expressions easily in game! Not even through the skript file or any configuration file. This does mean that the expressions commands can be used by any player, so it means it is not by per player support, it is global support such as the whole server emojis/expressions. Thank...
  6. Fixed Math Emoji & Totem Emoji




    1. upload_2018-10-19_12-12-16.png