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Script BasicDuels 1.0.0

Allow your server's players to duel anytime and anywhere!

  1. BeisicL
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12, 1.13
    BasicDuels - FREE VERSION
    - Skript

    With this script you can let your players duel (1vs1) anytime on any server/world!

    (for in-game info execute the command /bhelp, or /bhelp admin 1/2 for admin commands)

    Important Info: (read the whole description, please)

    How to use:

    Setting the spawn:
    To let players do that you need to set your arena to let your players to duel on!
    To do that you have to stay where your first player wanna spawn to duel and execute the command/bdsetspawn 1, for the next player go to where you want him to spawn in the arena and fight with the first one and execute the command /bdsetspawn 2.
    If you wanna see if you have set the spawns, or to see where they are execute /bdsetspawn list.
    If you wanna delete a spawn execute /bdspawnreset 1 or 2.

    To request someone a duel type /bdreq <onlineplayer> the player you requested has 30 seconds to accept /bdreq <requester> accept or deny /bdreq <requester> deny. After 30 seconds the request is expired and the player can't accept or deny anymore.

    If anyone is stuck in a duel and can't place/break execute commands or eat you can fix that by typing /bdquit <stuckplayer>.

    bd.teleport - Allow players to execute the request commands
    bd.admin - Allow staff to delete,set or unstuck players

    Other info:

    My discord: Robert#7217 -contact me any time

    Version: 1.0.0

    Donation link:

    If you wanna pre-order the premium version you can contact me on discord (price around $5). Refundable if I can't finish it.

    Any reupload, edited reupload, premium leaks is ILLEGAL and will be removed as soon as possible, and even account removed from Spigot!

    Note this is a FREE VERSION of the skript! No new features are added, I am updating it only if I find bugs with the current features, or if I add MUST-NEED features! So feel free to post a review on that!


    Some upcoming features/info for the premium version:

    Premium feature most probably will cost $5 (won't add it if I don't see some support on this free version)
    - All Free features +
    - Leaderboard- Win prizes (customizable)
    - Way more kits, GUIs, and kits made by you
    - Very frequent updates with constant new fun features
    - Your upcoming ideas, and way more features that I will let you explore!

Recent Reviews

  1. Wolwer
    Version: 1.0.0
    Nice skript. But there is SOO many bugs. If you will fix all bugs it will be very cool skript :D
  2. Nova
    Version: 1.0.0
    Actually, no.
    For big servers, this is absolutely terrible.
    With your code, something like this can happen:
    My name is player A. I will duel player B. player C tries to accept my duel even though i sent it to player B. Now, I will be in a fight with player C even though i planned to fight player B not C.