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Script Advanced Server Log [Custom] [Chat, Commands, chest, ...] [UUID support] [1.7 - 1.11] 1.2

You are outside and want to check your server log? here is the best plugin for you

  1. v1.2 » Command Remove & Fixes

    Ayham Alali
    Sorry for the last update! i didn't make good tests.
    But anyway i figured out that there is a problem with WildSkript addon (it's outdated addon but it's a good one) that it can't remove folders that have files inside!
    That's why i've removed the new command "/serverlog" because it's useless now.
    • FIXES:

    - Update Msg
    • REMOVED:
    - Command...
  2. v1.1 » Major Fixes & New Features & New Command & New Requirements

    Ayham Alali
  3. UpdateChecker fix

    Ayham Alali
    Sorry i forgot to edit the UpdateChecker messages.
    This is not a feature update its just about fixing the UpdateChecker :emoji_slight_smile:
    Have a nice day.