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Script 3D Drops (discontinued, feel free to take over) 1.0

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.9
  2. 1.10

This script is NOT complete and is discontinued, don't just add it to your server, use it on a test server if you wish to continue the project and update it.

I wanted to post this here because @Getreidemonster asked for it and also because I think this script has potential.
If you happen to update it, please, I ask you to give credit to me at least for the original script.

You might remember this script if you've been in the Skript comunity for quite some time.

This script was never truly finished, it was still in development back in 1.11 (or was it 1.10?) when I stopped working on it.

It was a bit near completion from what I remember, the only thing that was left was adding support for the new items, make the items in unloaded chunks save through restarts and figure out a way to make arrows go through the armor stands. There may be more stuff to do, but that's what I remember was missing.

I don't remember the addons that the script requires, so... Trial and error I guess. This was also back in 1.11 (or 1.10?), so I don't know if some syntaxes need updates.

I don't think there's much to say about the script, just open it in a text editor and look at it, the concept is pretty straightforward. There are some debug features as this was still in development at the time.
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It seems that it use packets, maybe a dependency was MundoSK?

I don't care which dependencies are needed, I'll download every addon if I've to, just using this awesome 3D script! (and for TheBukor due to he left (forever?) the skript community...

I'll try my best, to update syntaxes, getting all dependencies on a list and trying to remove those errors... if the result works, I will upload here else, nothing will happen.

#RIPTheBukor #OneOfTheBestTheBestSkripter #Forever