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Skript Tools Deobfuskator 1.0

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This is just a quick Python script I put up. Code might be or might not be ugly. You can do whatever you want with the code, I don't really care that much about it.

Things to note:
- It might not work correctly with every "Obfuskated" script (I've only tested it with a single script);
- It needs Python 3 (I use Python 3.6 but it probably works with older). It won't work with Python 2 without a few modifications.

Just unzip the .py file from the zip, because I couldn't upload the .py file directly :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

When you execute the script, it asks for the Skript script (weird sentencing) filename, then it does all the work. It will output the deobfuscated file with the name "deobf_<FILENAME>".

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Latest reviews

Great resource from a old addon developer.

Works well, and can deobfuscate fast.
Deobfuscated a ~7800 line Skript in less than a second.
Also very accurate at deobfuscating.
The deobfuscated file will have a small amount of size added to it, around 2kb to 10kb.

Nothing found yet.