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  1. pokw

    Find location of falling block

    I'm trying to make a skript to find the landing location of a falling block. Idea 1: - On place of sand, look for a falling block entity at the location of the event - Continue following the location of the entity until it no longer exists - Look at the last location of the entity when it got...
  2. pokw

    No loop that matches loop-value

    I'm using Minehut and I don't know what version of skript it uses. When I said that line wasn't enchanting it, I meant it now disenchants but doesn't reenchant at all. It broadcasts "1" and "2" but doesn't actually enchant it.
  3. pokw

    No loop that matches loop-value

    Currently using this code now, I guess: {_i} with ({_ench} parsed as enchantment type) isn't enchanting it? function removeEnch(i: item, e: enchantment type) :: item: loop enchantments of {_i}: set {_e} to "%loop-value%" parsed as enchantment type set {_l} to level of {_e}...
  4. pokw

    No loop that matches loop-value

    Not sure why it says there's no loop here, any ideas? function removeEnch(i: item, e: enchantment): loop enchantments of {_i}: add "%loop-value% %level of loop-value of {_i}%" parsed as an enchantment type to {_e::*} disenchant {_i} loop {_e::*}: if "%loop-value%"...
  5. pokw

    Solved The script does not work (no errors)

    No problem! If this solved your problem please mark the post as solved and my answer as "Best answer" for others looking at this thread. Thanks!
  6. pokw


    Sk-Perm would be the best option, you can either use PermissionsEX or an older version of LuckPerms, both of which I would recommend. Otherwise, I'm not sure if there is an addon that supports this.
  7. pokw

    Fix error

    Please put your code in code blocks or it's VERY hard to understand. You can do this using CODE and /CODE with square brackets surrounding them. Also this would be very easy to fix if you looked in the documentation, so please read those before making a post. Line 14 you are saying that you...
  8. pokw


    Sk-Perm allows you to do this, but you will need a permission plugin and Vault. add "example.permission" to permission of player
  9. pokw

    How to add a cooldown of 15 seconds

    options: cooldown: 5 # in seconds on shoot: if {arrowsshot::%shooter's uuid%} is more than or equal to 3: if {cooldown::%shooter's uuid%} is true: stop else: set {cooldown::%shooter's uuid%} to true wait {@cooldown} seconds clear {cooldown::%shooter's uuid%}...
  10. pokw

    Solved The script does not work (no errors)

    on region enter: if "%region at player%" contains "cafe": # do whatever I just combined both ideas and this is what I always use and it works for me, try this.
  11. pokw

    Multiplication not Working

    Script Version (do not put latest): 2.5.3 Minecraft Version: 1.16.5 else if {_level} is less than 100: set {_totalcost} to (16000 * {_level}) - 590000 else if {_level} is more or equal to 100: #do something stop...
  12. pokw

    Loop the inventory of player's tool

    I'm trying to see what's in the inventory of their held item, the shulker.
  13. pokw

    Loop the inventory of player's tool

    How do I loop the inventory of a player's tool? This is the code I have right now if someone can help. command /command: trigger: player's tool is shulker: loop the inventory of player's tool: if loop-inventory contains dirt: send "loop inventory contains dirt"...
  14. pokw

    How do I use Skript timestamp arguments?

    I was wondering on how to use the Skript timestamp arguments in a certain way. I looked this up and have found nothing on this and have been searching for a while now so I decided to go to the forums for help. Q: What does it look like to write out a timestamp when executing a custom command...