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  1. CorruptedVeit

    Script GUI-Maker ❤ Simple gui creation Skript 1.1

    This Skript was created to improve the speed of an Skripter! Tired of typing +100WPM? This Skript allows you to simply create an pre-coded GUI within seconds! Disclaimer: Sorry for my not perfectly english, please let me know if your like my work! Please give my feedback! <3 Features: ❤...
  2. CorruptedVeit

    Script GUI-Maker ❤ Simple gui creation Skript - Fixed @ bug.

    When using 'at' in any name or lore it will be replaced with '@'
  3. CorruptedVeit

    Sorting Tab

    Skript Version:2-2 Fixes V9 Skript Author:Njol Minecraft Version: 1.8.8 --- How i can sort the Tab I know I can make it with teams but i don't know how i can made it :D Can anyone helpf me to sort the Tab with this Code? Full Code: on Join: if player's prefix contains "Admin": set...
  4. CorruptedVeit

    No Operators can't use that.

    **Skript Version:** Skript 2.2 Fixes V9 **Skript Author:** Njol **Minecraft Version:** 1.8.8 --- **Full Code:** _ **Errors on Reload: ** No Errors Other Useful Info: I use the Crate Template from @LimeGlass Operators can use it but nobody without op can't...