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  1. bajinzin

    help to finish setting up

    this, I would like to put in the script for each message it sends in the plugin's "global" to have a cost
  2. bajinzin

    help to finish setting up

    I can put the person to pay to use a command and if they don't have the money they can cancel the event, in case I want them to enter the global chat, each message within this chat spends so much money
  3. bajinzin

    help to finish setting up

    I'm trying to get the person to /cr <radius> so that he can change the range of his chat, but since I changed what appears in /cr by skript, when someone from /cr <local> or /cr <global > he tells the person to type /cr, is there a way for me to cancel this and put it so that the command can be...
  4. bajinzin

    Solved Help item to chat

    is there anything i can do to fix this "notice" on the console?
  5. bajinzin

    Solved Help item to chat #------------------ # ChatItem # - Version 1.7.1 # - Created by D4isDAVID #------------------ # Dependencies: # - Minecraft 1.9+ # - Skript 2.5.3+ # - SkBee 1.10.1+ #------------------ # Config options: # itemName - how the item name will...