Zabrid's Command Maker

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Mar 2, 2019
Zabrid's Command Maker
Create custom commands for your server in
easy to use in-game user interface!

- Command Messages -
- Command Teleportation -
- Title & Subtitle Messages -

- Command Permissions -
- Command Cooldowns -
- Command Prices -
- Console Commands -
- Command Items -

How To Use:
To use this script just simply follow a few simple steps. Firstly, you need to create your command to do this use /cmd create <name>. Now make sure to set this name to what you actually want the command to be. After you've created your command it open a GUI where you can edit everything you wish about it (all things you can edit are listed above under "Features"). If you're still confused you can watch the video tutorial linked below.

Command List:
/cmd create <name> (zcmdmaker.create)
/cmd delete <name> (zcmdmaker.delete)
/cmd edit <name> (zcmdmaker.edit)
/cmd list (zcmdmaker.list)

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Join the support discord if you found a bug or need support:

Are you confused and need a video tutorial?

Required Skript Addons:
Like most scripts, this script requires a few plugins to be installed
before using. All of them have been listed below:

- Skript
- SkBee
- SkUtilities