News skUnity Docs 2.1 and Docs data reset!

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to skUnity Docs, 2.1!

I'd like to introduce you to skUnity Docs 2.1! Codenamed IndexJS and properly released DocsJS, takes the focus of speed to a new level for skUnity Docs. Rather than the server slowly processing everything, the client is now responsible for it which pumps the speed of the docs up quite considerably! Take look at the comparison below of the Docs 2 vs Docs 2.1:


Here is what we've done with Docs 2.1 to enjoy:
  • Hugely improved loading system
  • No page refresh when swapping between effects, expressions...
  • Improved mobile design (navigation buttons aren't hidden)
  • A quick and easy way to search (again, no refresh!)
  • Quality of life update to the sidebar to make it feel fresher than ever!
We've worked hard on improving the docs loading as we know it's been an issue for sometime and the sometimes annoying to use mobile display.

Docs Data Reset

Back April of last year, I asked you all if you believe that the current data being used by skUnity needed a refresh. The majority went to "Yes - the docs need a reset". We've listened and a data reset has been actioned! We've been preparing this for sometime and had it ready, but wanted to release it with Docs 2.1. The data was imported via SmartImport for all addons that exist within the Resources section of skUnity. The imported data isn't perfect, but the amazing people on the Resource Team will be going through it and updating it.

FAQ Regarding the data reset

Q: What data was removed?
A: All elements (included starred elements) and examples (including vote data).

Q: My addon's docs were fine. Can they be restored?
A: Sure! Please contact myself and your data can be restored including examples (vote data and starred elements will be restored).

Q: y tho?
A: The data being used by skUnity was quite a few years old, contained incorrect or misleading information and had information from addons that were no longer updated and no longer relevant. By resetting the docs data, skUnity is providing the latest and greatest data.

Q: What data will be the API and browser extensions run on?
A: Both will be accessing the newest data.

Q: Can I set my preference to view new or old data?
A: At this time, we have no plans of implementing this. It'd be a waste of time task for a small minority. If an addon isn't included, it probably isn't relevant.

If you have anymore questions, please do ask.