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News skUnity API v2 Roadmap

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by BaeFell, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. BaeFell

    BaeFell I'm Poppy
    Admin Supporter

    Nov 27, 2016
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    skUnity API v2 - the official roadmap
    Hi everyone,

    Last Friday, I posted on the skUnity Discord about the next development project for skUnity; skUnity API v2. I have decided I'll post this thread as an official way of showing what the intentions are, potential release dates and information regarding the DocsAPI.

    Just to clarify the naming:
    Currently there is the DocsAPI which is accessible via the Docs Admin panel: https://docs.skunity.com/admin/api. DocsAPI is its official name, however, the URL itself and others do refer to it as the skUnity API. To prevent confusion between the two, the new API will be called API v2 and branded as skUnity API (skUAPI/skAPI). The branding also refers to the panel to access API v2. This means that if any other versions of the skAPI are released, it will follow a version order, eg, API v3, API v4.

    Intentions for API v2:
    A set of new endpoints which include:
    • Reviewing the current DocsAPI endpoints, changing/improving them, and transferring them over to API v2 and creating new endpoints if needed
    • Access to the Parser (rate limit will be implemented)
    • Connecting with the Forums with access to skUnity Resources
    • Utilising the skUnity Downloads page
    I hope that the implementation of these new endpoints allows everyone to utilise skUnity for tools to help the Skript community.

    skUnity API Panel:
    One of the changes planned for the new API setup is the introduction of the skAPI Panel. The panel will contain all API endpoints with detailed information on what each one does. There will be tools to help you test and monitor your applications that use the API. For example, being able to review recent calls and see details as to what data was provided and returned to help with debugging.

    Planned timescale:
    Currently, the planned release for skAPI and API v2 is by the end of October. I've set this deadline as about 2 months from now which will hopefully give enough time to get everything ready to be released in a stable condition for people to use straight away. Here's the full planned roadmap:

    End of October
    Release of skUnity API Panel
    Release of the skUnity API and API v2
    Migrate any relevant data from DocsAPI to skUnity API
    End of 2019
    End of life for DocsAPI. No support offered or updates (unless vital)
    Q1 2020
    Creation of tool to help migrate endpoint URLs from DocsAPI to new API v2 standard
    Announcement made of DocsAPI shutdown
    Q2 2020
    Directly inform all users who use the DocsAPI that it will be shutting down and to move to API v2.
    Q3/Q4 2020
    DocsAPI to be shutdown and all endpoints will no longer work. Any data attached to DocsAPI will be removed. Any requests made will fail
    Review of how API v2 is utilised to ensure that the service is providing the best level of use
    Q - Why not extend the endpoints of DocsAPI?
    A - DocsAPI was quickly put together to provide an API to skUnity Docs 2. API v2 will offer more endpoints and is not suited to the current DocsAPI setup

    Q - Why are the Parser endpoints limited?
    A - Due to the processing power required to operate the skUnity Parser, its endpoints will be rate limited to overuse and abuse.

    Q - What features will the skUnity API Panel provide?
    A - At the moment, none are necessarily confirmed. There are many in mind, which should be very cool once done. You'll have to wait for now!
    If you have any suggestions for anything, please post below or on the #skunity-meta channel on the skUnity Discord.

    #1 BaeFell, Jul 11, 2019
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
  2. BrettPlayMC


    Jan 26, 2017
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    I am confused. Chronologically this makes no sense, don't you mean Q1-4 2020? Though, unless you mean "by the end of 2019..." and then put a splitter to signify what you have done so far in Q1 and Q2 of 2019 so far then that would make more sense...
  3. BaeFell

    BaeFell I'm Poppy
    Admin Supporter

    Nov 27, 2016
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    I meant 2020 . Thanks for pointing that out

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