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Feb 5, 2017
Hi, welcome to my thread. I been using skript since 2015.

Most recent server I was working with is called

> IP:

> I made their trailer:
> Description & More info: I coded some unique plugins for the server by implenting spells and a mana system, along with: quests to learn spells, character level, and rewarding system. There were many other things I've made for them, for in-depth information visit:

Preview of my recent work: These skripts are only used for displaying my experience, not the entire file is posted. No freeloading.
.txt to Book generator for a changelog.
Purpose: Write sentences in a .txt with color codes then give player the book with pre-loaded text.
Could use a lot of improvements, but on pause for now.


Pieces of my gun shooting function, not perfect fully.
- Last time worked on: ~3-4 months, just started it as a way to recreate a csgo.

Purpose: Tried to make some items as pistols, used 3D textures.

Upgrade a spawner's property using NBT

Purpose: To expand economy further, and also spawn mobs faster, and in better ways.


Part of a file

Purpose: To add some different bosses other than the ender dragon and wither. Made it so it can execute spells, and add a different twist. It could be improved further.

Socket Gems

Purpose: To add more enchants + magical weapons.

I like to make skript as a hubby and quick easy way to earn money. I'm not into creating a big server from scratch, but I am willing to listen to offers. I'm not a fan of mini-game making, bit too much of a work, and could be very time-consuming. Open to offers though. For server trailers with cinematic views and video effects, you can offer me as well, I will how to see how time-consuming it will be and will give you a price. Pricing is negotiable, offers are accepted. Not making a business model, not sure if even people would be interested. If you made it this far, you a real one, thanks for reading.

- Discord: Farid#5377
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Basically I need a command such as /troll that a YouTuber with a certain permission can run. When it runs, if staff are not on with X permission, it sends a message. If staff are on with that permission, they are all sent an alert (a variable is set true) and the first staff to click accept or deny in the message, will determine if the player gets permissions in X world (using pex). I have the notify message already made and I will send it to you.

Could you do this?
Why not make it yourself?