Solved shop gui

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New Member
Jul 20, 2023
can someone make us a shop skript?
like make us the skript without the items so we put the command and the items modifying it pls
Not gonna lie, the code you provided is a little messy. In case you haven't; consider using functions for repetitive actions in code instead of having them span across your code from being duplicated a lot. For example:

# An idea of messy code, imagine this had many more of these if statements, it'd take up many lines
if player has 10 of gold ingot named "&eTest":
   remove 10 gold ingot from player's inventory

if player has 12 of gold ingot named "&eTest":
   remove 12 gold ingot from player's inventory
You can instead compact the example code written above into the function I provide here:

# This code allows you to refer to the function + data you wish to remove in a single line anytime you use it!
function buy(p: player, n: number, i: item):
   if {_p} has {_n} of gold ingot named "&eTest":
      remove {_n} of gold ingot from {_p};s inventory
      give {_p} 1 of {_i} named "&aTest 2"

command buydiamond:
      buy(player, 12, diamond) # The player to remove it from, the amount to remove then the item to give
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