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Solved Sell Skript

Discussion in 'Requests' started by thomas_nietoke, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. thomas_nietoke

    Feb 26, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Category: Selling

    Suggested name: Sell

    Spigot/Skript Version: 1.12.2 Spigot / 2.2-dev36

    What I want: A sell skript that will sell Coal Ore for 5$ and Iron Ore for 10$ I want that when you sell you get 1 sell message wich says how many items you sold for how many $ I want to use a variable for this and that one is {balance::%player's uuid%} I've made a skript wich is basically what i want but i can't let it work:

    Ideas for commands: /Sell

    Ideas for permissions: Everyone has acces

    When I'd like it by: This week

    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 16, 2019, Original Post Date: Apr 15, 2019 ---
    Someone helped me in discord! Solved
  2. Runakai

    Moderator Supporter

    Apr 27, 2018
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    Just to make sure if others need that heres something I wrote:
    Code (Skript):
    2. command sell:
    3.     trigger:
    4.         set {_} to amount of iron ore in player' inventory
    5.         add {_}*10 to {balance::%player's uuid%}
    6.         send "You've sold %{_}% Iron ore for ({_]*10)$"
    #2 Runakai, Apr 17, 2019
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
  3. cuddlytrap

    cuddlytrap Member

    Dec 18, 2020
    Likes Received:
    it would probably be a good idea to remove the iron ore from the inventory after, so it would go like this:
    Code (Text):
    2. command /sell:
    3.   trigger:
    4.     set {_iron} to amount of iron ore in player's inventory
    5.     add {_iron}*10 to {balance::%player's uuid%}
    6.     send "You've sold %{_}% Iron ore for ({_]*10)$"
    7.     remove {_iron} iron ore from player's inventory

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