Saving Custom item on MYSQL

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Jan 28, 2017
Its possible save a custom item on a MYSQL table and convert then to give to inventory again, without use of variables (permanent variables), for save this item? Like a diamond sword with sharpness 10 and named &b&lTest
You can convert the item into a string (ID, SubID and NBT) and just convert it back into an item
Try this:
function ItemToString(i: item) :: text:
    set {_nbt} to "%nbt of {_i}%"
    return "%{_i}%|%damage value of {_i}%|%encode base64 {_nbt}%"

function StringToItem(s: text) :: item:
    set {_x::*} to {_s} split at "|"
    set {_i} to "%{_x::1}%:%{_x::2}%" parsed as item
    return {_i} with custom nbt "%base64 decode {_x::3}%"

command /test123:
        set {_itemstring} to ItemToString(player's tool)
        send "STRING: %{_itemstring}%"
        set {_item} to StringToItem({_itemstring})
        send "ITEM: %{_item}%"