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Solved Saving coordinates

Discussion in 'Requests' started by saulienis, May 27, 2022.

  1. saulienis


    May 27, 2022
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    Category: Coordinates

    Suggested name: Coords saver

    Spigot/Skript Version: 2.6.1

    What I want:
    A way to save multiple coordinates with a command. Either them being saved to a book, or the original .sk file

    Ideas for commands: /coord 1, /coord 2 etc. Basically a command and a short description.

    Ideas for permissions: Basic operator permission.

    When I'd like it by: When ever it is convenient.

    Thanks in advance , love the community :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. Best Answer:
    Post #2 by Jos, Jun 24, 2022
  3. Jos


    Dec 24, 2021
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    This code accomplished the same purpose by saving the coordinates to an id, so if you do /coord 1, it'll assign your current coordinates to id 1, so if you run /coord 1 again it'll return the coordinates with id 1, same with 2, etc. etc.

    Code (Text):
    1. command /coord [<number>]:
    2.     usage: &cThe command is used like this » /coord (integer)
    3.     trigger:
    4.         if sender is op:
    5.             set {_num} to arg-1
    6.             if arg-1 is set:
    7.                 if arg-1 is an integer:
    8.                     if {coords.%{_num}%.%uuid of player%} is not set:
    9.                         set {coords.%{_num}%.%uuid of player%} to true
    10.                         set {coords.x.%{_num}%.%uuid of player%} to player's x-coordinate
    11.                         set {coords.y.%{_num}%.%uuid of player%} to player's y-coordinate
    12.                         set {coords.z.%{_num}%.%uuid of player%} to player's z-coordinate
    13.                         send "&cSaved your coordinates to the ID » %arg-1%" to sender
    14.                     else:
    15.                         send "&cCoordinate with ID %arg-1%&c » X: %{coords.x.%{_num}%.%uuid of player%}%&c Y: %{coords.y.%{_num}%.%uuid of player%}%&c Z: %{coords.z.%{_num}%.%uuid of player%}%" to sender
    16.                         stop
    17.                 else:
    18.                     send "&cThe number needs to be an integer!" to sender
    19.                     stop
    20.             else:
    21.                 send "&cSpecify a coordinate save value!" to sender
    22.                 stop
    23.         else:
    24.             send "&cYou cannot do this!" to sender
    25.             stop
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