Putting Skript Releases on Spigot?

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Aug 18, 2018
First of all I would like to apologize in advance if I had posted this request in the wrong section. I'm really new to Skript and skUnity in general and would like to implement it in my server.


The server hosting that I use (Aternos) does not allow any plugins that are not officially on bukkit or spigot. This presents a problem as any server owner using Aternos cannot install Skript past 2.1.2(since while the official bukkit website does have Skript, the version is extremely outdated).

That being said, is it possible then to place Skript into Spigot as a resource? I know that the Skript we know today is merely a forked version since the official author discontinued it, which may cause some legal problems, but can that issue be remedied simply by asking Njol for permission to put the forked releases on Spigot?

If we can somehow manage to put Skript onto Spigot, every server owner on behalf of Aternos would thank you. Thanks for reading.
Then you are probably out of luck. I don't think Bensku (the head of the current Skript project) is going to post it on spigot, since its on his GitHub page. I would suggest talking to Aternos and telling them that the version that is on GitHub is 100% safe, its the version EVERYONE uses, and the source code is right there for anyone to see.
If you want, you could post an issue on Bensku's GitHub page asking if he will post it
the first release that is considered stable should get a spigot release