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New Member
Oct 31, 2019

PunishmentGUI is an easy-to-use & easy-to-configure skript made specifically for Litebans (but will work for other plugins) that makes punishing your players 10x easier!
It's tested on 1.8.9 and will only work on 1.8.x servers


  • Ban Players
  • Mute Players​
  • Warn Players​
  • And more, all inside a nice GUI!
To Do

  • Nothing :emoji_slight_smile:
How to install

  • Download the PunishmentGUI - 2.0.sk file
  • Upload it to /plugins/Skript/scripts (the location may be different for you)
  • Edit PunishmentGUI - 2.0.sk the way you want it (or leave it)
  • Type /sk reload PunishmentGUI - 2.0
  • Enjoy Punishing hackers!

(Requirements may be different for your version of Minecraft)

Commands & Permission Nodes

/punish <player> [reason] | punishment.gui

If you encounter any errors while using or installing this plugin then please join the Discord Server for help
You shouldn't edit this skript if you don't know how Skript works
There was probably easier ways to do some things in this skript, but I'm pretty new to Skript so I probably didn't know about it
If you want to suggest a skript or feature for existing skripts I made, make sure to suggest it in the Discord Server

Special thanks

To the Skript community for helping me with bits of this skript!



By downloading and/or using this Skript you agree to the following:

  • You must not distribute this Skript
  • You must not claim ownership of this Skript
  • I (Jakaboii) can change these Terms at any time
  • These Terms are valid for all the versions of this Skript
Hi there! I'm intrested in your product but i do not see a download button? Would you mind passing me the file?