Player Vaults (Skript) Packet Dupe Patch

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New Member
Sep 10, 2022
Hi, I don't really know if this is the right place for this, but I'm going to post this here!!!

I recently had a player dupe a ton of items on my server, and I did some checks to see how they did it. They used a mod called UI Utilities which allows you to open up a closed inventory. This doesn't send any packets to the server, and prevents the server from knowing items were taken from the inventory.

The patch that I coded for this was to delete items if the inventory wasn't properly closed. This means if the inventory is closed and a packet is sent the inventory will be saved, but if the inventory if not closed correctly the items in the inventory are deleted. This is a hard patch to this glitch.

This skript I have been working on was inspired by another skript. I edited the skript heavily, but if you are interested in seeing the original skript here it is!

I don't claim to have made the skript, and the skript is fair use. Anyone is allowed to use it. If you are planning on making a server where there are guis which save items you need to edit the skript to prevent this dupe. It is very serious and can ruin your server and it's economy.


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