News [Parser] Release of Paste Collections

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Hi everyone,

We've been working on a small new feature for the Parser; Collections! Collections are an easy way of grouping your pastes together so you can easily find what you're looking for on the Parser.

They're super simple to use. To get started with Collections head over the Parser (,
- Click the Cog on the sidebar
- You'll see new a button called "Manage Collections", give that a click - Now you will be able to create and manage all your Collections. Give your Collection a useful name and click Create! (your browser will be refreshed).
- You can now go to a Paste you want to put in that Collection; click the Cog again and will have the option to set its Collection.
- Once you've saved those settings you'll need to refresh to see it locally, but your paste is now in a Collection!
- When viewing My Saves, your Pastes will be grouped together

You can delete and rename your Collections via the Manage Collections page!

All Advent of skUnity entries will be put into a global Collection which cannot be modified but will keep everyone's AOS entries organised. If anyone has any problems please let me know via DM or using #skunity-meta.

We do have planned to have public Collections where people can view a list of Pastes from that Collection and anyone can add their Paste to that Collection or can remove it too. We aren't sure exactly how to roll it out but are trying out new things with what the Parser can do! As always; any and all feedback is appreciated, please be constructive not criticism as that helps no one.

Thanks, BaeFell
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