Open functional enchant to player

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Active Member
Jun 3, 2023
Hey, so im making a code, where when a player clicks on certain inventory slot it will open normal enchant to him. Is it somehow possible? Becuase the only thing i have is "open enchanting table inventory to player" and this actually open the enchant inventory but you cant enchant anything in there, so its basically useless..
I couldn't find anything besides an old TuSKE effect. Could you share what you need this for? There might be a way you can rework it to not need to open an etable like this.
im creating a game where you have shop and you can buy items and i wanted that after you buy that items you can enchant them in that shop like i wa saying by that you click on slot in that shop it will open enchant for you where you can enchant the items from shop. You might be thinking, why i dont just build enchants on the map somewhere. Its becuase if there will be a lot of players it will be chaotic and unclear, next its so much more comfortable when you can just click on slot to open a enchant..
I see. It might be possible to make the enchanting table inventory functional; otherwise, the only way I can think of is to custom-code an enchanting GUI yourself.