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Aug 9, 2017
Category: Skript, Nickname.

Suggested name: NickName

What I want:
I want and need a Nickname skript, By doing /nick it will change your name in tab, name in chat, display name etc.
If you're already nicked, Do /nick to unnick yourself.
Ideas for commands: /nick

Ideas for permissions: The permission for it will be : tullycore.nickname

When I'd like it by: A reasonable time
commnad /nick [<text>]:
        if arg-1 is set:
            set player's displayname to "%player's prefix% %arg-1%"
on chat:
    set message format to "%player's displayname% %message%"
This covers everything but the overhead nametag, Since I don't know you version or what plugins/addons you have that's a bit harder to guess, but this set's a players tablist name and display name for chat. If you want to format them just add color codes before the percents in the parenthesis. If you want the player to be able to decide color, change arg 1 to colored arg 1
command /testnick [<text>]:
    permission: nick.use
        if {is-nicked.%player%} is not set:
            set {is-nicked.%player%} to false
        if arg 1 is not set:
            if {is-nicked.%player%} is true:
                set player's display name to "%player's name%"
                set the player's tablist name to "%player's name%"
                send "Your nick was reset!"
                set {is-nicked.%player%} to false
                send "You are not nicked. Use /nick <text>"
            set player's display name to "%arg 1%"
            set the player's tablist name to "%arg 1%"
            send "Changed your nickname to ""%arg 1%"""
            set {is-nicked.%player%} to true