Solved Multi-page /hist command

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Jun 3, 2023
command /history [<text>]:
    permission: history.use
    permission message: {@prefix} {@permission_message}
        if {uuid::%arg-1%} is set:
            send "{@prefix} &c--- &7[Logs for %{ign::%{uuid::%arg-1%}%}%] &c---"
            set {_index} to 0
            loop {punslogs::%{uuid::%arg-1%}%}:
                add 1 to {_index}
            send "&7Displaying &c%{_index}% &7punishments."
            set {_index} to 0
            loop {punslogs::%{uuid::%arg-1%}%}:
                add 1 to {_index}
                send "&c##%{_index}% &7%loop-value%"
            send "{@prefix} &7User mot joined."

^ That is my code, and I am having trouble making it multi-paged, can you help with that
How bout u find the punishments, add them to a list and display elements page*10 to page*10+9 of the list
So how’d you fix it (for someone that finds this post in 5 months)
I just did a division by page_size rounded up, to find the maximum amt of pages, then offset the start index to arg-2 (<number=1>) to arg-2*10, if arg-2 is not 1, if it is then i didnt do a multiplication, then I looped (pagesize) times, checking if the index is set, if it isnt the loop stops, so it sends

Entry *
Entry *

instead of
2 entry *s and 8 <none>s
For reference; Page size is 10