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Script Item Database 1.1

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New Member
Aug 31, 2023
TryhardTree submitted a new resource:

Item Database - Save, Give and Use your saved items!

This script allows you to save, give and use your saved items!


Commands: /database, /dtb

- /database info ; Sends you a message with all informations about every Database command (This message)!
- /database add <id> ; Adds your hand item to the database with the ID of what you gave as the <id>!
- /database remove <id> ; Removes an item from the database with the ID of what you gave as the <id>!
- /database give <id> ; Gives an item from the database with the ID of...

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Definetly a cool idea, I would use something else tho, variables aren't rlly a data base, u could try using nbt files or something else. or maybe a real database. but the concept is cool
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TryhardTree updated Item Database with a new update entry:

Permissions & Sounds

[+] Added Permission-Nodes for every command argument:
- database.all - Gives access to every database command.

- - Gives access to see the information message of the database.
- database.add - Gives access to add an item to the database.
- database.remove - Gives access to remove an item from the database.
- database.give - Gives access to give yourself an item from the database.

[+] Added various Sound Effects:
- A "Pling" sound effect if everything is fine, after you...

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