Solved Inventory pickup not detecting player?

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Feb 11, 2023
Hi, I need help with a simple Skript.

On one of my servers, I have a suggestion box. It is a hopper that connects to a chest below. However, I have an issue with players placing a lot of stuff other than books and quills. I would like a Skript that makes it so if anything other than a signed book is placed into the hopper, they are automatically kicked. (A little strict I know, but they definitely do it on purpose, there are signs that clearly say)

Attempted code:

on inventory pickup:
if type of event-inventory is hopper:
if event-item is not a written book:
make console execute command "/kick %event-player% Only place signed books into the hopper!"

The event player is not being detected, in the command it just says "<none>" where the name of the player should be.

Skript version: 2.6.4
Skript author: Me
Minecraft version: 1.19.3
Reload is always successful
I’m pretty sure that the event-player will only be set during a drop event, but not during a pickup event, as the item isn’t really tied to any player after it is dropped.


You may have to settle with cancelling the picking up instead.
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