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How to parse teleport flags?

Discussion in 'Skript' started by Hackusater, Feb 15, 2022.

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  1. Hackusater

    Hackusater Active Member

    Aug 5, 2017
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    I am sending a teleport packet to the player but there is a parameter that I am having trouble with.

    Code (Text):
    1. command /test:
    2.     trigger:
    3.         #/tp Player ~ ~ ~ 10 10 //the command that i type to recieve these packets
    4.         #0, 0, 0, 10, 10, [X, Y, Z], 38, false //these are the values that are returned when i teleport the player
    5.         set {_testpacket} to new play_server_position packet
    6.         set field 0 of {_testpacket} to 0
    7.         set field 1 of {_testpacket} to 0
    8.         set field 2 of {_testpacket} to 0
    9.         set field 3 of {_testpacket} to 10
    10.         set field 4 of {_testpacket} to 10
    11.         #set field 5 of {_testpacket} to "[X, Y, Z]" //this is what is causing my problems, it doesn't like that it is a string
    12.         #set field 6 of {_testpacket} to ? //this number increases by 1 every time i teleport the player, not sure why
    13.         set field 7 of {_testpacket} to false
    14.         send packet {_testpacket} to player
    16. I'm not sure what to change field 5 to, it gives me errors because it isn't supposed toe be a string.
    #1 Hackusater, Feb 15, 2022
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2022
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