Help regarding list variables

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If {variable} contains player:
#Do stuff
Well, that wouldn't work such as it's a single variable and not a list variable (although the OP might get the idea), also, the contains acts weird the most part of the time and that's why I do it like this:
set {yourVar::%player's uuid%} to player's name #I use the player's uuid just because it's a good practice, you can use whatever you want.
and then when I want to check it:
if {yourVar::%player's uuid%} is set:
#do stuff
or other way is do this:
loop {yourVar::*}:
      if loop-value = player:
            set {_check} to true
{_check} is set
#do stuff
but that is going to be annoying with the time so that's why I would use this function:
function listContains(check: object, list: objects) :: boolean:
      loop {_list::*}:
            if loop-value = {_check}:
                 return true
      return false
and then do:
if listContains(player, {yourVar::*}): #if you have skQuery this will work, if not you'll have to put "is true" after the function.
      #do stuff