give me your skript ideas!

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I feel like inputting your guess in a sign that already contains the previous answers would look more akin to regular wordle.

May have to edit the sign texture to have 6 rows though (unless skript supports custom signs?)
Also there's no red in wordle
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I’ve done this challenge before but my final code was still a little buggy. The idea is to recreate Wordle using only Skript (And Skript addons). I’m curious to see what other devs can come up with for this challenge!
hey i can do this!, getting to work rn
Luke can you share what you did? I wanna know what you mean by "a little buggy"
I'd have to find it. The main concept (And way I got it to work the way it kinda did) was I basically had it so that every time a round started, it preselected a random 5 letter word from a list variable then set that as the word (The player wouldn't see). Then, as a player entered their guesses in chat, it would break apart each word they typed into 5 segements and check to see which place they were meant to go for each word (Which was also broken apart) and then piece it back together with the proper colors. Dunno if that was the most effective way to do that, but it did work, however the yellow/green lettering didn't always work and it could be cause I coded it kinda sloppily, haha.
need an auction house skript, use {money::%player's uuid%} for the money var