Solved "Func" Function doesn't work in java 1.12.2

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No problem :emoji_slight_smile:
I have 1 quick question, is it also possible to acces a database table without use the name of a player?

Because i also have a databse table for the game i am making wich saves information about things but not about like the player

This is the skript about creating it so you know whats about:

                set {_king} to "NONE"
                set {_queen} to "NONE"
                set {_spawnloc} to "NONE"
                set {_inhabitants} to "0"
                set {_coins} to "0"
                broadcast "test"
                execute "INSERT INTO WoW_Countrystats (`Name`, `King`, `Queen`, `Spawnloc`, `Inhabintants`, `Coins`) VALUES (%arg-2%, %{_king}%, %{_queen}%, %{_spawnloc}%, %{_inhabitants}%, %{_coins}%)" in {WoWDB}

and it creates this:

So now for example i want to get the king from the country "Netherlands"

How can i get the value of the King from the row Netherlands?
I think that's SELECT Netherlands FROM <table>
I think that's SELECT Netherlands FROM <table>
But does that work with the function:
effect WoWgetValue from [[offline] player] %offline player%, [table] %string% (and|,) [column] %string%:

Because the first think is [[offline] player] %offline player% and a country isn't a offline player
I think that's SELECT Netherlands FROM <table>
I tried it but it didnt work, gave me an error.

WoWgetValue from Netherlands, "WoW_Countrystats" and "King"

this is the error:
Can't understand this condition/effect: WoWgetValue from Netherlands, "WoW_Countrystats" and "King" (, line 41: WoWgetValue from Netherlands, "WoW_Countrystats" and "King"')

so i have to figure out another way
You can't use that exact custom effect, you'll have to create a new one
You will need a new effect and a new syntax, maybe something like
get king from country %string% (,|and) table %string%
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