Finnicky Boss Bar

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New Member
Jan 26, 2017
Hi, I've been trying to use WildSkript's boss bar features on my 1.8.8 server as SkRayFall doesnt seem to support bossbars on 1.8. Sometimes they appear correctly, but when I teleport to far away coordinates it will randomly disappear and reappear. I'm just using the most basic functions of it, my code right now is just
command /test:
        display "HP" on bossbar for player
Is there any solid bossbar support on 1.8?

Alternatively, is there any way to do a multi-line action bar, or perhaps use the text that pops up when you switch items? I simply need a way to show the player's HP during battle, and I'm already using the action bar + scoreboard for other things.
on join:
    while player is online:
        display "Hello!" on bossbar with 1 percent by 5 seconds  for player
        wait 5 seconds

Should work, please next time use the format found here.
I don't want the boss bar displayed at all times, only while the player is in a fight. My server uses random encounters, so I was trying to have it use a command when a battle gets triggered. The encounter arenas are very far away from the rest of the map, and the boss bar doesn't seem to display correctly there.

EDIT: Additionally, the code you provided works until you get teleported to battle, during which it disappears, and after which it reappears
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