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Farid's snippets [All my previous skript]

Discussion in 'Snippets' started by Farid, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Farid

    Farid Active Member

    Feb 5, 2017
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    I had a lot more files but lost them, here are all my previous work.

    Hope you make a use of it, I'm moving on, skript has helped me think like a computer and now it's time to go full advance.

    the zip includes 14 different skripts,

    guilds, magic, misc, core, levels and much more.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 8, 2019, Original Post Date: Sep 16, 2017 ---

    [1.14.4] (9/8/19)

    Requires skript-mirror (Latest version), SavageFactions (Could work with any factions plugins)

    Place savagefactions.jar inside /plugins/skript-mirror/ so you can import external .jars

    Code (Text):
    1. import:
    2.     com.massivecraft.factions.FLocation as FLocation
    3.     com.massivecraft.factions.Board as Board
    5. function getFactionAt(p: player) :: text:
    6.     set {_loc} to new FLocation({_p})
    7.     set {_facID} to Board.getInstance().getFactionAt({_loc}).getTag()
    8.     return (uncolored {_facID})
    Code (Text):
    1. Usage: set {_test} to getFactionAt(player)
    Returns wilderness, safezone, warzone or another faction's tag (name of the faction).

    You can use this compare if a land at player is claimed, etc.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 17, 2019 ---
    delayTeleport(player, 5, {loc})
    Would check if player has moved in the last 5 seconds or so.
    Requires skDragon for particles.

    Code (Text):
    1. function delayTeleport(p: player, duration: integer, destination: location):
    2.     # constructor
    3.     send "&6Teleport commencing. &cDo not move." to {_p}
    4.     set {_s} to 0
    5.     set {_true} to true # do not change this at all.
    6.     drawWarpRings style 1, particle "redstone", RGB 255, 255, 255, center location of {_p}, id "%{_p}%", rainbowMode true, scan true, height 2, radius 0.5, ringCount 40, ringDensity 20, visibleRange 32          
    7.     # player's absolute location. OG position
    8.     set {_x} to x-coordinate of {_p}
    9.     set {_y} to y-coordinate of {_p}
    10.     set {_z} to z-coordinate of {_p}
    11.     #
    12.     while {_true} = true:
    13.         wait 1 second
    14.         if "%x-coordinate of {_p}%" = "%{_x}%":
    15.             if "%y-coordinate of {_p}%" = "%{_y}%":
    16.                 if "%z-coordinate of {_p}%" = "%{_z}%":
    17.                     add 1 to {_s}
    18.                     if {_s} >= 5:
    19.                         delete {_true}
    20.                         stopEffect id "%{_p}%"
    21.                         teleport {_p} to {_destination}
    22.                         send "&6Teleport complete. &aYou may move now." to {_p}
    23.                 else:
    24.                     delete {_true}
    25.                     stopEffect id "%{_p}%"
    26.                     send "&6Teleportation &ccancelled" to {_p}
    27.             else:
    28.                 delete {_true}
    29.                 stopEffect id "%{_p}%"
    30.                 send "&6Teleportation &ccancelled" to {_p}
    31.         else:
    32.             delete {_true}
    33.             stopEffect id "%{_p}%"
    34.             send "&6Teleportation &ccancelled" to {_p}

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